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Continuous Power Africa is a privately held distributed power and remote monitoring company which serves the mobile telecommunications industry.

As Inala, a brand widely installed brand across Africa and Asia, we supply advanced remote monitoring hardware for telecommunications sites. We provide state-of-the-art site monitoring to increase uptime, reduce cost and save fuel.

We are proud to lead mobile telecommunications energy into cleaner, low-carbon, higher technology integration. We design, engineer and supply solarization, diesel reduction, and energy efficiency solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa. We are also distributors of lithium-ion batteries, solar power systems and micro-inverters manufactured by leading global manufacturers based in South Korea, USA, India, South Africa and Europe.

Lithium-ion battery storage and solar photovoltaics coupled with our advanced intelligent monitoring and control systems generate significant cost and reliability benefits. Diesel deferment at weak-grid and off-grid telecommunication sites delivers considerable operational savings to infrastructure operators, as well as greater energy efficiency leading to carbon savings.

CPA has corporate offices in South Africa and Mauritius.

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Energy and the telecommunications sector in Sub-Saharan Africa

Energy and the telecommunications sector in Sub-Saharan Africa

We develop customized power solutions for our customers that include some of the largest mobile network operators and tower companies on the African continent.

CPA’s innovative, affordable and energy efficient products and services free our customers to focus on expanding service into remote and rural regions with no grid access.

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Our Leadership

The experienced industry professionals who lead Continuous Power Africa are able to visualize trends and products in the industry and to lead the market in complete distributed power solutions. CPA has the guidance of an international entrepreneurial team, each highly successful in their careers in commerce, engineering and finance. The management team believes in an integrated, bottom up approach, growing the skills base in the company from the grass roots upward.

Our Investors

Pine Creek Renewables is a US-based Permanent Capital Vehicle that invests in the transition to low carbon technology across the US, Latin America and Africa.

Pine Creek builds, owns and operates landfill renewable natural gas projects, and is committed to lowering pollution by supplying the mining and transportation industry with green fuels. They provide reliable power to sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America with their batteries, monitoring and controls, and maintenance services.

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Visit Pine Creek

Through a blended approach of listed and unlisted investments, the team at LEGACY AFRICA are living our passion of connecting institutional and retail investors with bespoke investment and growth opportunities in South Africa and across the continent.

LEGACY AFRICA specialises in listed investment opportunities, while the private equity arm, LEGACY AFRICA Capital Partners invests in high-growth African companies that they believe are shaping Africa’s future.

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Visit Legacy Africa

Socio-Economic Impact

Our community distribution model aims to uplift livelihoods in low income communities while developing digital inclusion and access to energy, particularly in rural Africa.

CPA provides power solutions for telecommunications infrastructures with a lower carbon footprint, and generates low-cost energy that can be delivered to local communities. This creates the potential for transformation in sectors like financial services, education, health and agriculture, bridging the divide between people who have access to digital services, and those who don’t.

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Mauritius Head Office:

Grand Baie Business Park
Ground Floor No.4
Grand Baie
Riviera du Rempart

Western Cape Head Office:

+27 (0)86 551 129177
Unit E 76 Building 8 The Grove
Old Paardevlei Road
Somerset West
Western Cape, 7130

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